Discover How Investors Are Getting A Safe And Predictable Return Of 3-7% Per MONTH...Even During Bear Markets

Discover How Investors Are Getting A Safe And Predictable Return Of 3-7% Per MONTH...Even During Bear Markets

This new strategy allows you to acquire high value, dividend paying assets 
at massive discounts, and consistently receive Monthly Payouts

This New Strategy Allows You To Acquire High Value, Dividend Paying Assets 
At Massive Discounts, And Consistently Receive Monthly Payouts

Step 1: Watch This 5 Min Video In Full, Then Apply Below 👇

Step 2: Apply By Booking Your Mining Automatic Strategy Call Here 👇


I watched the video.

I'm an entrepreneur or investor.

I'm looking for my next income stream.

Please: source me a mine with discounted electricity that 
    produces income 24-7-365!

Do everything for me.

Sourcing, storing, & securing mines and most of all CASH FLOW.

Automate It Entirely!

So I can scale returns safely

I know this requires an investment.

That's okay - I want results.

And I'd love to learn more.

Assuming all of that’s true?
Can You Trust Mining Automatic?
If you're wondering whether you can trust us to actually deliver on our promises, 
simply listen to what our clients have to say themselves: 
If you're wondering whether you can trust us to actually deliver on our promises, simply listen to what our clients have to say themselves: 
"When I invest my money into something, I don't invest in a company, I invest in the people.  And Mining Automatic has great people and it was a no brainer for me." 
"It's not an amateur operation. 
It's a true professional operation."
"Right from the very get go, 
we launched and it was already producing!"
You're probably asking:
“How much will this cost?”

We charge a fair fee. And if you are committed to investing the resources needed for this to work, you will be more than rewarded. 

Because, truth is: It took us 10 years to develop a system like this.  It would take you at least another 10 to match what we could do for you in a matter of months.

So a better question might be: can you afford not to make this investment?

We'll save you thousands of headaches and 10+ years of your life.  All while making you even wealthier in the process.

It's your choice. 

What do you mean by "electricity discounts"?

Mining requires an enormous amount of electricity to be successful.  As a result, it's usually impossible to mine profitably due to high retail electricity costs.

We've solved this.

Instead of paying 18-25 cents per Kw/Hr retail, we have government relationships that allow for 4-6.5 cents per Kw/Hr.  Literally 4-6x cheaper than retail!

This allows us to mine for you at a profit from day 1!

And with the current trends, now is the best time to start.

“How do you secure these mines?”

All of the miners will be 24/7 guarded in secured facilities with a highly-trusted software engineer on-site at all times. 

“What is the Expected ROI?”

Though we can not guarantee a specific return, we generally expect a 3-7% monthly return.

"How fast will I see results?"

You'll receive your first payouts within roughly 45 days, and every 2 weeks after that.

“Is there a guarantee?”

Due to compliance reasons, we cannot guarantee a specific return.

However, mining the way we do it, has consistently proven to be cheaper than purchasing it outright.

And with digital currencies being near the bottom of the market, now is the best time to get started before we get another bull run!

Frequently Asked Questions

What would make the mines unprofitable?
If BTC went under $10k, we would turn the mines off. We would supplement the older mines with newer mines as mining equipment becomes cheaper when BTC is cheaper.
Is the equipment updated throughout the process?
Yes because you are buying hashrate, not mines. We are constantly adding to the pool to ensure your returns are stable. The more mines working together, the more efficient mining becomes.
Are the mines rented or owned?
We own the mines, you receive a lease on your hashrate. This reduces your exposure and risk. If you owned the mines, and some of the mines go down, you would be more likely to lose money.
How will the 2024 BTC halving impact profitability?
The halving will not have a major impact. 70% of our miners are mining LTC and 30% are mining BTC. A halving traditionally increases the value of BTC massively. In 2020 BTC went from 10K to 70k, then stabilized at 20k.
What dictates life expectancy of the mines?
Our agreement is 5 years. After year 2/3, the mines will degrade by 10-15% per year. However we are constantly buying new mines to offset this. At the end of your term you will have the opportunity to extend your agreement. 
Can I visit the mining locations or revisit the mines?
Yes, there are 2 locations, one in North Carolina and our larger location in Paraguay. This would be specifically scheduled with us and handled on an individual basis. We can have someone meet you out there, we do not have a tour company however. It would be difficult to pinpoint the exact mines you are utilizing however you would get to see the area and location where the mines are running. 
We’ll source a customized mine for you with discounted electricity costs AND manage it 24-7-365 to secure results. So act now. Because the sooner you start, the sooner you will have monthly deposits landing in your bank account. 

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